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Who am I?

In no particular order I am a Teacher (Head of Computer Science), Dad, Certified Raspberry Pi Educator, conference speaker, CAS Community Coordinator, tinkerer and fairly obsessed with 3D printing.

What I do


I am passionate about digital making and producing fun, engaging sometimes useful projects often with a Raspberry Pi and a printer.


As a very experienced teacher, education and learning is at the heart of much of what I do.  I love teaching and learning whether that is in the classroom or engaged with life long learning. 


I love attending tech events either as a speaker, a workshop facilitator or delegate.

Digital Making

Digital making is at the heart of much of my life.  It could be creating great video or worksheet resources for school or building a smart alarm clock out of an old Easter egg box.  I love to share my builds and projects and believe that failure is aways definitely an option.

Adventures in 3D Printing

My maker space at home often resounds to the sound of 3D printing and have really enjoyed the journey into 3D printing and finishing off models.

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