Want to get into Raspberry Pi based robotics?

If the answer is yes then can I recommend to you the Budget Raspberry Pi Robot kit from Ryanteck. This is a great little kit which is relatively easy to assemble and priced extremely competitively at just under £30.

The kit I was sent to review contained:

The motor control kit (RKT-000-001)
The budget robot kit (RTK-000-003)

You do need to supply your own Raspberry Pi and means of powering the Pi.
You will also need soldering skills and equipment.

I must admit that I cheated and a kind colleague soldered the motor control board for me, but in hindsight I could have done it myself!

The robot kit was extremely simple to build and made a nice morning project.

The instructions were very detailed and included good product photos showing each step. The Raspberry Pi instructions for setting up wifi connectivity were simple to follow and the example code on github made programming it very easy.

This is a great product and also having met Ryan from Ryanteck I would definitely encourage you to try this kit out. Ryan is an awesome young man who is destined to do really great things. Check out the links for Ryan at the official Raspberry Pi website http://www.raspberrypi.org/tag/ryan-walmsley/

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