We had an amazing day at the Cambridge Raspberry Jam on 6th September and the organising team really should have a big pat on the back!

The theme this time was based around all things robots in preparation for the December Pi Wars event. There were a good range of talks and hands-on workshops again designed around this theme. I was very pleased to help out at three of the workshops and it was especially good to see the Ryanteck robot being used in one of them.

Philip had a really good time and said he enjoyed the workshops and being able to see all the fun things being done with robots.

I managed to spend £50 at the PiHut again on Raspberry Pi miscellaneous bits and pieces. We were just about to leave when Philip saw the tablet controlled robots from DawnRobotics. Somehow in the next 10 minutes he had persuaded me to splash out and buy a kit – which has now been made and is being developed!

There was a film crew form CNBC filming in Cambridge and we even made it onto the segment!

The Cambridge Jam is a great day out and a good way of meeting in real life all the people I spend so much time chatting to on Twitter. There is a real sense of community at CamJam and a very warm welcome is given to everyone old and young. It is testament to the team that I had Philip out of bed at 6am on a Saturday to make the drive down. Can’t wait for December!

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