We are really excited to announce that Birmingham Raspberry Jam will be back on November 22nd 2014. We will be using a new venue – King Edward VI Sheldon Heath Academy in East Birmingham.

This will be a family orientated Raspberry Pi day with a number of activities for people of all ages.

Tickets can be ordered here 

Entrance is free for students and £2.50 for adults (payable on the door with a valid ticket).

The school has plenty of parking and is in a good location, not far from the A45 near Birmingham Airport.

We will be offering light refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits and squash) throughout the day and there are many takeaway options locally.

If you have your own Raspberry Pi or project you would like to show we would love you to bring them along.

The day will include a number of short talks and hopefully a live linkup with Alan O’Donohoe at the Hull Raspberry Jam.

The final details for workshops will be made available nearer the date but we anticipate they will include:

* Getting started with a Raspberry Pi
* Minecraft programming for beginners
* More advanced Minecraft programming
* LEDs and flashing code

Any questions please contact the organisers here and clicking on the contact organiser link.

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