I was really pleased to receive a nice little package from Jason Barnett.


The Lisiparoi – Flash ring for Raspberry Pi camera module is a small unit which screws onto the Raspberry Pi camera and provides 12 bright LEDs.

There are two favours, visible light LEDs for the normal camera and a IR LED version for use with the NOIR camera module.

Assembly is really simple. 

Before screwing the camera to the ring it was a simple case of soldering 4 connecting pins. The ring connects to the Raspberry Pi via 4 GPIO pins connected to 5V, GND, GND and a free GPIO. After hunting around for 4 female to female cables I had the flash mounted and connected to my Pi. The beauty of this device is that all 12 LEDS run from just 4 pins.


Programming the flash ring is extremely simple as it only involves switching on 1 GPIO pin to power up the ring.

I have included sample code here

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