Birmingham Raspberry Jam


Today was the relaunch of the Birmingham Raspberry Jam held at KESH Academy in Birmingham. With 17 Raspberry Pis and a great space to work in we welcomed over 45 participants to the event. The day was organised by myself and Jack Wearden from Birmingham University.

The workshops

We delivered 4 workshops with a range of activities, these included:

We had a really good day delivering the sessions and judging by the feedback the participants really enjoyed it too.

While True:print “woohoo!”

Looking forward to next time

Great day, thanks for all the hard work – we have learnt lots

Really enjoyed the Python coding

Very informative about Raspberry Pi. Thank you so much

It was great fun and I enjoyed the workshops. Thank You!

Was fun – next time I will bring my son!

Really got my kids interested in computing – thank you!

Brilliant – I really enjoyed it even Minecraft

Thank you for a fantastic day – the kids loved it, best wishes

It was fun to make patterns with the turtles

Children loved it, great to be able to let them see other children using the Pis

Fantastic setup today. Inspired to learn more. Thanks!

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