Family Hack Jam with Alan O’Donohoe

After a very long day at school yesterday I left at 4.30 and drove for an hour and half to Stourbridge to join Alan O’Donohoe at a Family Hack Jam being run as part of his Jam Packed Roadshow.


Alan is a larger-than-life passionate IT teacher who has a really engaging way with everyone he works with. The evening was based around writing either a game in Scratch or an interactive story using Twine with people in small teams. The evening started with a short game which set the context for the rest of the evening. I was really impressed with the way that Alan simply gave people the time to experiment and develop an idea through to an end product. I was one of the judges and helped give the scores at the end of the evening. It was a really pleasant evening with a good number of people attending.

The welcome and friendliness of the staff and students from Pedmore Technology College was great and they really made everyone feel welcome and encouraged to take part.

A very nice way to end the week seeing families of all ages working hard on developing an idea.

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