VNC Now available for Raspberry Pi

I was really pleased to see the team from RealVNC at the Raspberry Pi Birthday party on Saturday.  

VNC is a very convenient way of using a remote desktop from a PC / tablet / phone / Mac and your Raspberry Pi.

The exciting news is that RealVNC is now available for the Raspberry Pi allowing you secure and seamless access of the Pi from any Windows, Mac, Linux computer or iOS, Android or Chrome device.

More details here on the RealVNC website. 

Licence codes and details are available here 

There is a good amount of documentation and information on the RealVNC webpage.

I would also just like to say thank you to the team from RealVNC, they were incredibly kind to Philip when he posted his first video. If you have seen it he goes off to the toilet half way through and tells everyone where he is going! They were also really nice and encouraging when they spoke to him on Saturday. This sort of kindness doesn’t go unnoticed in the 10 year old’s mind!

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