We had a special visitor to KESH Academy Raspberry Pi club today.


We were treated to an end of half term visit from Martin O’Hanlon (co-author of Adventures in Minecraft) to our Raspberry Pi club. It was really exciting for the students to meet Martin and the feedback from the students was really positive.


We were excited to see a Astro Pi out in the wild and were lucky to see some of the really great things it can do. Martin’s integration of the Astro Pi with Minecraft was really exciting and the students loved seeing the effects of exploring the different sensors via Minecraft.


Last week at Pi club we had a look at the clock code from Adventures in Minecraft, but sadly due to my lack of reading instructions I had failed to download an additional library needed. It was great for the students to see it working properly on Martin’s Pi.


Thank you again Martin for this enjoyable hour!

For more information visit http://www.stuffaboutcode.com

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