I bought a Raspberry Pi touchscreen earlier this year and decided I wanted to build another touchscreen device based on the Internet Streaming Radio player project.

Around this time I was starting to think about home automation and the possibility of using the Pi for home security.

deskmate 2000 - 1

Raspberry Pi A+ in the porch streaming live video to the touchscreen Pi in my office over WIFI.

deskmate2000 - 2

Live video feed from the Pi A+. The camera makes a single network connection to the desk Pi to add an extra dimension of security.

deskmate2000 - 3

Status information about the pi

deskmate2000 - 4

Weather information

deskmate2000 - 5

Error message if the feed from the security camera is lost

deskmate2000 - 6

Play list information for the Internet radio.

The first four buttons control two energenie sockets.

The code for the project can be found here

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