Today may have been a first for Raspberry Pi Jams as we held our first one at an airport. This afternoon we saw nearly 30 people using the new learning hub at Birmingham Airport for two hours of Minecraft fun and games.

Feedback was really positive and we look forward to our next event at the Learning Hub. We will be welcoming CodeClub to the official opening later this month.

BHX_Jam - 5

Today’s afternoon was part of the Opening Doors initiative of the schools of The Schools of King Edward VI in Birmingham.

BHX_Jam - 1

Working with two very familiar faces.

BHX_Jam - 10

Not many Pi workshops overlook a runway!

BHX_Jam - 11

What an amazing view

BHX_Jam - 15

A great afternoon of code

BHX_Jam - 14

The winners of the quick build challenge (Birmingham Airport control tower)

BHX_Jam - 16

Guess what our first project was?

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