The Raspberry Pi 5th birthday weekend was a fantastic event and really showed off the best that the community has to offer.

To run such a big event the Foundation called out to its biggest resource for help ….

The community pitched in and over the weekend nearly forty volunteers helped out across all areas of the event.

I ended up working in my favourite spot – on the stage helping organise the tech for the speakers and presenters. I also got to run a workshop and take part in a panel discussion.

A special moment of the weekend for me had to be when Philip Colligan called me onto stage during his keynote presentation.

Sadly, I seem to work in a school where praise is very thin on the ground. We definitely praise the students lots and reward their achievements but very rarely say well done to the staff.

A huge number of people contribute so much to the work of the Foundation and we do it for many reasons.

At the heart of it for me is a passion to share this technology and to use it to enrich the lives of young people I work with and run workshops for. We definitely don’t do it for fame, awards or accolades.

As Philip rightly said, for every one of me there are another 30 doing an amazing and awesome job out there in the community.

So thank you Phil for your kind words to me, but also for really valuing our community!


Watch the entire video below.

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