Raspberry Fields
A Festival of Digital Making – Cambridge
30th June – 1st July 2018


It is about 24 hours since I got home from Raspberry Fields and I thought I would put down a few thoughts about the weekend and particularly what I got out from volunteering at the event.

Raspberry Fields was a ticketed two day festival of digital making held at the Junction theatre in Cambridge. In their own words it was a

“chance for people of all ages and skill levels to have a go at getting creative with tech, as well as a celebration of all that our digital makers have already learnt and achieved, whether through taking part in Code Clubs, CoderDojos, or Raspberry Jams, or through trying our resources at home.”


My weekend in numbers:

The weekend started at 4.30am on Saturday morning with the drive down to Cambridge from Birmingham. After a safety briefing I was able to rig up the main stage for the presenters. At one point we had three laptops, one raspberry Pi, a monitor, TV and projector running from my table!


Most of the two days was spent introducing the next speaker and ensuring that they could present as smoothly as possibly. My perfectionism definitely helped with this!


Every singe talk was really great and having listened to every one I felt really privileged to be part of such a great community.

All the talks were recorded and I will post the link here when they are up on YouTube.

Both days were wrapped up with entertainment with Saturday finishing with Neil Monteiro helping a Pi get into Space followed by Ada.Ada.Ada which really was a spellbinding interactive show about Ada Lovelace. Sunday ended with the Brainiac Live show, this was an explosive finale to the weekend.


What did I get out from it?

It was great hanging out with old friends from the Pi community and also making new friends too. I genuinely feel that the Pi and community has given me so much over the last six years that giving back some time was just something I was proud to do.


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