Shopping for a 3D printer?

Buying a 3D printer on-line is really easy and there are lots of options available. Buying a new 3D printer from a physical shop is slightly less easy. Putting aside specialist shops (eg many retail stores now sell 3D printers (eg PC World).

When looking for a new printer it is really good to be able to see it in the flesh and ideally see it printing or some of the prints produced from it.

Yesterday I went up to showroom in Sutton Coldfield. is one of the UKs leading on-line shops for technology with over 20 years experience in selling tech. In addition to their website they have a physical showroom in Birmingham. currently have around 40 3D printers on their website and a small selection in their showroom. Prices start from the £100-£200 range with an Ender-3 for £149 and go up to £7000 with a very beautiful Makerbot replicator Z18.

I’ve been to the showroom a few times now and each time is a very pleasant experience. Everyone who works there is super knowledgeable about their products and are also really good at handling customers questions whether they are a noob or an expert.

The highlights of my visit yesterday include:

I will definitely be buying my next printer from!

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