I have been using the PLA professional filaments from kexcelled for just over a year and thought I would do a quick review of the silk: pink.

This one can be purchased from 3dprintz.co.uk for £15.99 for 500g here.

I like the silk filaments, they have a very nice touch and feel to them. They are also stronger than standard PLA and have been a little bit more resistant to damage.

Printing has been consistently good and have always got good first layer adhesion on my heated bed using 3DLAC anti-warping spray.

The finish on top and bottom layers is really nice with the silk like effect. This filament prints beautifully in vase mode.

The colour is subtle – almost pastel and definitely works well where you are after a subtle colour rather than a big block of intense colour.


The filament is translucent and looks very nice when lit from the inside or behind.


With the translucent and slightly transparent nature of the filament you do see some of the fill as you look through it but I guess that would be expected, although there would be some mileage in tweaking the slicing settings to further improve this.

The details of the first print is below and the second print I designed:

Spiral vase by JJ76
Published on February 15, 2018

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