I am really excited to share this game with you, written by my 15 year old son Philip with graphics by one of his friends from school. This was an entry to a game jam by GMTK and they only spent 48 hours developing this. The theme was out of control.


In a dystopian future, you operate one of the many city defence turrets, to protect your city from the Zombies.

However, your turret has malfunctioned, gone out of control, and with the zombies approaching fast, you have no escape – you must make the most of a bad situation and continue to operate your out of control turret.

Game play

The only control is space bar or left click to shoot. You only have one bullet at a time, and cannot control your turret’s direction.

Every 50 zombies, a new wave of faster-moving zombies come.

How long will you survive?

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