Over the last year I have been working on improving the quality of my acrylic painting of models and have definitely seen a big improvment.

I have wanted to try and extend this by using some textured finish on models so bought for £10 a can of Rust-Oleum textured multi coloured finsh (Desert Bisque) paint from B&Q.

I wanted something interesting to paint so printed a classic spin vase in vase mode.

Model details: Thingiverse user JJ76, and is licensed under cc.

After a quick primer of Halfords white primer I was ready to spray the first coat. The can recommends 2-4 coats to get an even textured surface and for this first print I only did 1.

Primed and ready to be painted

I was really pleased with the results even after just one coat of paint and could see real potential in adding a couple more coats to get an even texture.

Final observation.

This paint is really smelly and should be used in a well ventilated area. Acetone is used as one of the propellants and you could still smell it on the print a day later.