The Raspberry Pi Pico was launched last month and I have been waiting until half term to have a serious ‘play’.

I am not really going to create anything groundbreaking or revolutionary but am very interested in how I can use it in school. 

My first project looks at setting up RGB addressable LEDs and using an example library to control them.

I found this page over at very useful in this project.

Pimoroni have a set of 5 addressable (WS2812) LEDs for £3 and can be bought here. They have 4 pins, D-in, Power in (4.5-6V), Ground and D-out.  In this example I am only using three so am powering them off the pico but can also be powered off 5V power supply. There is a single connection to the pico for data.

I have used a mixture of the sample code from Raspberry Pi and their ring example


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