Using the Raspberry Pi in the classroom?

I have been using the Raspberry Pi in a  club and workshop setting since the very start.  I have also made a tentative approach to using it in the classroom to support teaching.

In September it will be a new challenge when I use the RPi as the main teaching tool for a number of units I will be delivering.  We will be following the NCCE resources and scheme of work which are very well resourced with many worksheets.  

One of the big constraints I will have is that the Raspberry Pis can’t be connected to the school network and will be using the PC monitors.

To avoid having to print out all the resources I decided to create off-line versions of the resources and including them on the school Raspberry Pi image.


  1. Open each of the Word Documents and convert to html
  2. Create a simple html page with links to each resource
  3. Add a menu item with suitable graphic
  4. Ensure that all documents have permissions to stop students deleting them
  5. Add this to the official master Raspberry Pi image used for school

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