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Using the Raspberry Pi in the classroom? I have been using the Raspberry Pi in a  club and workshop setting since the very start.  I have also made a tentative approach to using it in the classroom to support teaching. In September it will be a new challenge when I use the RPi as the […]

Raspberry Pi in the classroom

As part of my new Computer lab at school I have been very lucky to be able to also get a class set of Raspberry Pi 400s.  This is a significant investment and the plan is to use these in a planned and significant way as part of Key Stage 3 teaching this year.  Having […]

RPi Digital making at home

Man sat at computer presenting to a live stream Since the 30th March 2020 the Raspberry Pi Foundation have been broadcasting a live show every Wednesday across the various social media platforms called  Digital Making at home.  The range of presentations has been amazing and there have been so many highlights for me.  The videos make great resources and I would definitely recommend […]

A Year of Digital Making

2021 – A year of digital making January Euro Truck Simulator dashboard February Pico watering can

Raspberry Pi Pico Watering Can

Do I need to water my plants? The rationale behind this project was to design a project which could be built in school by students for under £15. I wanted to use a Raspberry Pi Pico, a sensor input and some form of output. I decided to go for a plant watering monitor using a […]

Adventures in Raspberry Pi Pico – part 1

The Raspberry Pi Pico was launched last month and I have been waiting until half term to have a serious ‘play’. I am not really going to create anything groundbreaking or revolutionary but am very interested in how I can use it in school.  My first project looks at setting up RGB addressable LEDs and […]

3D printer maintenance tips

3D Printer Maintenance and cleaning I have found over the last four years of 3D printing that my printer only really exists in one of two states: Working really well and producing beautiful prints every single time or me hating it so much that I wish I had never bought one. 3D printers are complex […]

Events diary 2021

Events, presentations and virtual conferences 2021 January Raspberry Jam Virtual Pi Wars CAS East Area Meeting Maker Monday February Raspberry Jam – I Made something awesome Maker Monday March Accordion Content

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Dashboard

As a big fan of both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck simulator I wanted to build a physical dashboard that not only controlled the game but received real-time telemetry data back from the game. The final build uses both a Raspberry Pi Zero to read the server data from the game and an […]