Back on the road

Summer Raspberry Pi workshop

The last time I ran a physical (in person) Raspberry Pi workshop was in January 2020, who would have known that the next time would be in August 2021! It was brilliant spending time over the last few days running workshops for around 60 young people at Woolie Taster (A CPAS Ventures Summer camp).  Although […]

Events diary 2021

Events, presentations and virtual conferences 2021 January Raspberry Jam Virtual Pi Wars CAS East Area Meeting Maker Monday February Raspberry Jam – I Made something awesome Maker Monday March Maker Monday RJam – March of the robots April RJam – How does your garden grow? May Maker Monday Raspberry Jam – Brian May June Raspberry […]

Borrowing Equipment

If you are close to Birmingham and need to borrow some Raspberry Pi pi-topCEED for a workshop or event you are very welcome to borrow mine.   I can lend you: A flight case containing 10 pi-topCEED workstations with keyboards, mice, power supplies and extension leads. Each Pi has a protoboard for doing GPIO style projects or activities. […]

Events Diary 2020

January 2020 started really well with Interactive Futures and the first Maker Monday of the year.  I had a calendar of events planned for the rest of the year and as we know by March it all went down hill rapidly.  2020 has been a really hard year for so many people but it has […]

Scratch Europe Conference


I had a fantastic weekend in Cambridge volunteering at Scratch Europe Conference 2019. The event was hosted by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and held at Churchill College. There was a good selection of talks, workshops, keynotes. The ‘swag bag’ was amazing as every delegate was given a complete Raspberry Pi 4 starter kit. The conference […]

Events Diary 2019

January February March April May June July August September October November December January BETT February Interactive Futures conference WhizzKids training Aldridge Library workshop March Interactive Futures conference WhizzKids training Aldridge Library workshop April Spring Harvest 2019 May 3dMeetup UK   June Exabytes 19 July Aladdin (School production) NCCE Courses August Maidwell Taster (Raspberry Pi Workshop) […]

Raspberry Fields


Raspberry FieldsA Festival of Digital Making – Cambridge30th June – 1st July 2018 It is about 24 hours since I got home from Raspberry Fields and I thought I would put down a few thoughts about the weekend and particularly what I got out from volunteering at the event. Raspberry Fields was a ticketed two […]

RPi Birthday party


A second slice of Birthday Cake After being snowed in on the 3rd March we really looked forward to the rescheduled Birthday party on the 28th April. We had a great day at Birmingham City University with well over 60 people attending the party. The birthday party had all the usual Jam elements including: Workshops: […]

No cake for us today

Pasted Graphic

No cake for us today … Myself and Tim Wilson had our first planning meeting for the Raspberry Pi Birthday party back in late December 2017 and after much planning we had brilliant day planned for today. We had an amazing venue, great speakers, awesome workshop facilitators and loads of goodie bags to hand out […]

Events Diary 2018

January ProPresenter training at Knowle Parish Church BETT February KPC weekend away March Coffee, cake and coding Spring Harvest team training Sonic Pi workshop Maker Monday: LED special (presenter) April Tour of BackFace studios Birmingham Raspberry Pi birthday party June Raspberry Fields August Maidwell taster (summer camp) 3d meetup Space camp (Raspberry Pi workshop) September […]