Textured paint (Owl)

After the success of my first textured paint job I thought I would have a go at doing something that would look good with this paint. I went for an owl statue (see attribution below) as I wanted to see how the paint would handle the different contours of the body. Here is the final […]

Textured paint

Over the last year I have been working on improving the quality of my acrylic painting of models and have definitely seen a big improvment. I have wanted to try and extend this by using some textured finish on models so bought for £10 a can of Rust-Oleum textured multi coloured finsh (Desert Bisque) paint […]

Turret Malfunction

Turret Malfunction by Flye001, SirHorse I am really excited to share this game with you, written by my 15 year old son Philip with graphics by one of his friends from school. This was an entry to a game jam by GMTK and they only spent 48 hours developing this. The theme was out of […]

Heated bed repair

Earlier in the year my heated bed failed during every print. The print would get about 75% through and then have a thermal runaway error which stopped the printing. Looking through the terminal messages on Octoprint it appeared to be an issue with the heated bed losing about 5oC and causing an error. When the […]

3D printing for dummies

Getting started with 3D printing Back in April I ordered my first 3D printer, I had used several before and thought I knew a little bit about how to use one etc I settled on the Startt 3D printer from iMakr which comes in at a very respectable £99.99 and can print up to sizes […]


Introducing the Raspberry Pi MP3 player With so many great audio apps on my phone carrying around a second mp3 player is a bit of a silly idea. However with the launch of the Pimoroni audio pHATS at the end of 2019 I had wondered if I could build myself a low cost, Raspberry Pi […]

Adventures in Painting

At the start of the summer I had got to a point with my printing on my CR10S that I could hit print and be almost certain that I would get a good print. This was the point where I decided that my focus should shift to the finishing and painting of models. My first […]

3D Fault finding


Today was the first time since buying my CR10 back in July that have I had significant problems with it. I am currently 2 hours into a 8 hour print and everything seems to be going well (fingers crossed). The fault appeared to be an issue with extrusion with a very patchy and inconsistent amount […]

Filament review: PLA Pink Silk (Kexcelled)


I have been using the PLA professional filaments from kexcelled for just over a year and thought I would do a quick review of the silk: pink. This one can be purchased from 3dprintz.co.uk for £15.99 for 500g here. I like the silk filaments, they have a very nice touch and feel to them. They […]

Theatre Lamp

Ever since I first illuminated an LED I have wanted to build a custom bluetooth enabled theatre light using a Raspberry Pi. Aims of the project: Build a full size theatre lantern with colour changing LEDs which operated off 5V and could be controlled without logging into the Pi over wifi. The project started with […]