I have completed yearly safeguarding training through school and with other organisations such as CodeClub and Spring Harvest.

Communicating with school students from my own school.

My only means of communication with students from my own school (KESH Academy, Birmingham) will be via the platforms used at school and any email communication will be carried out via school email.

There will be times when I may point students towards blog posts or tutorials on this website for reference, although all communications with school students will continue with school systems.  I will not reply to comments left on blog posts by students.

Where possible content will be copied onto school platforms and particularly video content will be hosted publicly or via Microsoft stream for school.

Communicating with persons under the age of 18 (not my students)

There are many awesome young people in the tech community and often the same people and families will attend events both locally and nationally.

All communication will be carried out publicly, this generally will be via Twitter. Private messages / DMs / emails will not be sent to people under the age of 18 unless agreed with in advance by an adult. In this circumstance, the parent will also be copied into the email.

Any email communication will be carried out through my CAS community email address (where relevant) or through my school email systems.

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