The Marauder’s clock


(Photos taken of the original props at the Harry Potter back stage studio tour) The aim of the project was to build a clock containing the visual elements of both items. To achieve the authentic ‘who is at home detection’ I used a Raspberry Pi reading WIFI devices. The MAC addresses collected by the Pi […]

Neopixel snowman


In building this project I followed the very comprehensive guide from Adafruit on working with RGB neopixels. The guide is very detailed and includes all you need to get started with lengths of spare RGB neopixel strips. Read it here. I have included the schematic from Adafruit below. I am powering the Arduino (Orangepip Kona328) from […]

37 Sensor kit

I was given the 37 Sensor Kit from for Christmas and I think that this will be a lot of fun. This is a really well presented box containing 37 sensors ranging from a Joystick to IR Emitters and Receivers. Accompanying the box is a CD (shown above) which contains: PDF workbook laid out […]