Modelling Radioactive decay

A classic GCSE Physics experiment using plastic cubes to model random radioactive decay can be modelled and simulated with Python. You can change the number of starting cubes by editing the line max_count = 100 The whole experiment is carried out before displaying any results! The results are saved to a file called decay_graph

Python: Traffic Lights

Get hands on with LEDs and Python to create your own traffic light. Extension: Disco lights Age: Key Stage 2 and 3 Langauge: Python 3 Hardware: Raspberry Pi, LEDs, (PiStop optional)

Touch screen Advent Calendar


I love the anticipation and build up to Christmas (although not when it starts in August!). I have written a fun little 24 button touchscreen Advent Calendar. Once a door has been opened an update is made to config.advent. If you want to close a door once opened simply delete the corresponding line from config.advent. […]

Timelapse camera (1)

camera_rig_build - 2

The last few months have been busy at work with the preparation for GCSE exams, but during this time I have been working on a project which has both challenged me and developed my skills. I set out at Easter to build a motion time-lapse camera as I really wanted to take some beautiful photos […]

Disney photoframe


One of the things I love about the Pi is how it makes projects that would have been hard a few years ago much simpler. I am a huge fan of Disney and love everything about the parks, the films, the music etc .After getting back from our holiday last year I decided that I […]

Flotilla Weather Station

flotilla - 6

. I am currently looking at how I could use the kit in the classroom and particularly using Python with the sensors. As part of this project I am building a simple prototype weather station that both uses inputs and outputs to collect data and display it on a simple bar chart. If you would […]

Flotilla and Python

Building a light meter with Flotilla Back in March I got my mega Flotilla treasure chest from Pimoroni. I was very excited to see what could be done with it. The Rockpool graphical interface is coming along nicely and I had some fun with that, but I really wanted to dig into the Python API. […]

RetroPi gaming machine

RetroPi Gaming Machine project tutorial Build your own retro-gaming console with this simple guide. equipment neededRaspberry Pi model 2Coupe style Raspberry Pi caseTFT car reversing monitor12V power supply (or similar for TFT)CaseGame controller (eg. Xbox360 wired controller)Game ROMs (which you must own)RetroPi SD card imageTable lamp switchCamcorder style connecting cable Step 1: Chose your display. […]

Reflections on AstroPi competition

Today we submitted our entry for the Astro-Pi competition in the year 7 and 8 age group. It has been an interesting few weeks working on our project with my students. After a slow start we got our hands on the Astro-Pi board and instantly loved it. We liked the sensors and the ease at […]

Build a hospital in Minecraft

During activities week at school the Science department are doing some work based around first aid. Wanting (obviously) to use a Raspberry Pi I am running Minecraft workshops for groups of 30 students. The students will have to design, build and evaluate Red Cross Emergency hospitals in Minecraft. To give the students a head start […]