Resistance is futile

Wearable technology / cosplay This project is an adaption of a project I found online and the full details can be found here As with many projects I adapted some of the steps and have listed them below. All Borg cosplay The printing of the main components I printed parts Borg arm 1, 2 and […]

Borrowing Equipment

If you are close to Birmingham and need to borrow some Raspberry Pi pi-topCEED for a workshop or event you are very welcome to borrow mine.   I can lend you: A flight case containing 10 pi-topCEED workstations with keyboards, mice, power supplies and extension leads. Each Pi has a protoboard for doing GPIO style projects or activities. […]


Introducing the Raspberry Pi MP3 player With so many great audio apps on my phone carrying around a second mp3 player is a bit of a silly idea. However with the launch of the Pimoroni audio pHATS at the end of 2019 I had wondered if I could build myself a low cost, Raspberry Pi […]

Theatre Lamp

Ever since I first illuminated an LED I have wanted to build a custom bluetooth enabled theatre light using a Raspberry Pi. Aims of the project: Build a full size theatre lantern with colour changing LEDs which operated off 5V and could be controlled without logging into the Pi over wifi. The project started with […]

Upcycling a handbag

When I recently saw on Twitter that you could buy a 32×16 LED display for only £10 I was intrigued. The display was actually contained in a £10 handbag from Smiths Toys. After ordering the toy on the Friday night I was really surprised when it arrived on Sunday afternoon. Tearing down the display was really […]

Astro Pi workshop


I am always keen to develop my range of workshops and activities for schools and events and was asked to do 4 x 2.5 hour workshops at school during ‘activities week’. I decided to do a new workshop this year based around Astro Pi and using the Sense HAT The presentation can be found here […]

Python: Traffic Lights

Get hands on with LEDs and Python to create your own traffic light. Extension: Disco lights Age: Key Stage 2 and 3 Langauge: Python 3 Hardware: Raspberry Pi, LEDs, (PiStop optional)

NodeRed: Traffic Lights


Getting started with NodeRed and Physical computing. Age: Key Stage 2 and 3 Langauge: Python 3 Hardware: Raspberry Pi, LEDs

Minecraft at Christmas


This is a fun Python and Minecraft Christmas workshop. Age: Key Stage 2 and 3 Langauge: Python 3 Hardware: Raspberry Pi

Minecraft activity 3

In this Python activity you will create loops. The two examples are walking on water and rainbow road. Age: Key Stage 2 and 3 Langauge: Python 3 Hardware: Raspberry Pi