Getting Started with Minecraft 1

BHX_Jam - 14

A simple getting started activity for Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi Age: Key Stage 2 and 3 Langauge: Python 3 Hardware: Raspberry Pi

inkypHAT multi-line text

I have been very much taken with the inkypHAT from Pimoroni and was really excited when I got mine back in January 2018. For only £22 you get a full 212 x 104 three colour eInk display which produces great clear and crisp graphics and text. There have been many projects I have wanted to […]

High School Musical Stage camera


It seems like ages since I last wrote a blog post but the summer term is always a crazy time at school with revision, exams and the summer show. This year we performed High School Musical at school, and following the tradition of previous shows I wanted to use a Raspberry Pi as part of […]

The RPi Community

BHX_Jam - 5

The Raspberry Pi 5th birthday weekend was a fantastic event and really showed off the best that the community has to offer. To run such a big event the Foundation called out to its biggest resource for help …. The community pitched in and over the weekend nearly forty volunteers helped out across all areas […]

The Marauder’s clock


(Photos taken of the original props at the Harry Potter back stage studio tour) The aim of the project was to build a clock containing the visual elements of both items. To achieve the authentic ‘who is at home detection’ I used a Raspberry Pi reading WIFI devices. The MAC addresses collected by the Pi […]

RPi Pokedex


Over the last few weeks I have seen my Philip age 12 really engage for the first time in a digital making project and see it through to completion. Philip is a year 7 student from Birmingham, my son and an all-round really great kid! Quite a few people have asked me which bits I […]

Touch screen Advent Calendar


I love the anticipation and build up to Christmas (although not when it starts in August!). I have written a fun little 24 button touchscreen Advent Calendar. Once a door has been opened an update is made to config.advent. If you want to close a door once opened simply delete the corresponding line from config.advent. […]

Pi-topCEED Review and first experiences


I often get quite excited writing reviews for a products and use words like awesome and amazing but as you will see these words are fully justified for the Pi-topCEED. I have been running Raspberry Pi workshops and activities since a few months after getting my first Pi so my thoughts here are based on […]

Timelapse camera (1)

camera_rig_build - 2

The last few months have been busy at work with the preparation for GCSE exams, but during this time I have been working on a project which has both challenged me and developed my skills. I set out at Easter to build a motion time-lapse camera as I really wanted to take some beautiful photos […]

Birthday Honours

I woke up to some really exciting news on Twitter. Eben Upton the father of the Raspberry Pi (and all round lovely guy) has been awarded a CBE in the Birthday Honours list. A huge congratulations to Eben and all the people at the Foundation. Well done!